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Valuable Surfaces

Kyoto Thin-Film Materials Institute(KTM) is a manufacturer of evaporation materials that are easy for our customers to use. Our core technology is powder-sintering technology.
The technology originates from our mother company, Sanwa Kenma, Ltd. and the history is more than 70 years.
We have various materials from ultraviolet materials used for photolithography equipment to the ones for visible and infrared regions.

Evaporation Materials

We manufacture various materials used for heat resistance, corrosion resistance, conductive applications, etc., including optical coating applications.
Our policy is to provide the products that comply with the QC requirements of our customers in order to contribute to consistent quality, which is a very important factor for the materials.

Product Lineup 

About Us

Kyoto Thin-Film Materials Institute was established as a department
to further promote the evaporation materials business of Sanwa Kenma, Ltd.
Company name Sanwakenma, Ltd.
Department name Kyoto Thin-Film Materials Institute
Establishment October 1, 1949
Capital 75 million JPY
President & CEO Sotaro Takenouchi
Technical adviser Masaaki Kaneko
Address 22-1 Kaminoyama Okubo-cho Uji-city Kyoto 611-0033.Japan


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